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App-Wide Failsafe Against Noise Blasts

There's a lot of very understandable concern about 'noise blasts', whereby PT can unexpectedly output absolutely huge audio levels, causing danger to people's hearing, speakers and nerves. Such issues persist even in the very latest versions of Pro Tools.


There are already discussions out there about identifying & fixing specific causes of these issues, but it makes sense for there to also be a broader failsafe against such damaging output levels - firstly because resolving every root cause is proving difficult, and secondly because there's no guarantee other causes won't get introduced in the future.


Users are relying on inserting 3rd party, non-AAX plugins, such as Ice9...

...into their workflows to automatically mute anything reaching dangerous levels, but PT needs this out-of-box, ideally configurable via preferences.


I'd certainly feel much more comfortable using the tool knowing that this safeguard is in place. I certainly don't propose a halt to also identifying the root-cause errors, but this will reduce the severity of those individual glitches whilst Avid work on tracking them down.


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