Application Manager needs Update All option

Updating items in the application manager is an enormous pain. I currently have 18 items that need to be updated. For each of these items, I have to:


* Click Update

* Click Install

* Click five different Agree/Continue/etc. buttons

* Enter my password


That's for each item. There's no need to determine if it can be installed (it's already installed, just tell me if it CAN'T be), accept license agreement (I've already accepted it to install initially), all of this for installations that are often only a few MB.


The OS X or iOS App Stores are decent examples of how this should work:


* Each available update is shown and can be updated individually.

* At the top is Update All.

* Click Update All, enter password ONCE if required, install everything in one shot.


Currently it takes MUCH longer to go through all of the rigamarole around getting the various installers downloaded and running than it does to actually run the updates.


Idea No. 114