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Assertion Errors when importing audio - Using 'Clear Find' as a 'Solution'

I would sometimes have "Assertion Errors" when importing audio into Pro Tools from the Workspace Browser, starting in PT 11 and still happening in PT 12. It wouldn't always happen, and seemed to sometimes be fixed, then come back. This has been happening the last few years.


Recently when using Pro Tools Field Recorder Workflow in Post Production, I suddenly had an assertion error(Attachment 01) crop up when trying to select a clip to import (Attachment 02). I could deselect the preference to "automatically copy files on import"(Attachment 03), and it would work; but that kind of defeats the point of having the option to copy on import.


I trashed Prefs a few times. Nothing seemed to work until I noticed that I had a "Find" selection in the Clips Bin (I had done a search for a character's name). When I pressed Command+Shift+D for Clear Find (Attachment 04), then tried the Field Recorder Selection again, the clip imported as it should.


Since I abandoned using the Workspace awhile ago (opting for SoundMiner HD+), I wonder if having not cleared a 'find' was the source of those errors when simply importing as well.


In any event, I'd like to report it as a bug in the context of the Field Recorder Workflow when using the preference "Automatically Copy Files on Import". The error and the 'fix' are definitely repeatable.


OSX El Capitan 10.11.4


3.46 GHz 6-core Xeon Mid 2012 Mac Pro

Pro Tools HD Native 12.5

Avid S3, Eucon 3.3.2


Avid Omni Interface


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