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Audio Statistics based on selection (peak amplitude, average RMS, possible clipped samples, DC offset, etc.)

Please update Pro Tools 11 and 12 to include a feature that can provide audio statistics based on a selection. It should include things like peak amplitude, average RMS, possible clipped samples, DC offset, etc..

This is a small feature request that I hope is relatively simple to implement. It is a feature that doesn't seem important, until you really need it.


Many of Avid's competitors already have such a feature. Even Audacity can do this with the help of the nyquist ACX check plugin. Adobe Audition has been able to do this since 2004. It seems like such a silly thing to go out of Pro Tools for, and it can seriously disrupt your workflow.


Attached are some screenshots from Adobe Audition, Cuebase, and Audacity as examples.


There are RTA plugins out there that can give you these stats in real time, but none that will instantly analyze an audio selection for you. Even if such a plugin existed, this is a feature that should be included standard in Pro Tools, either as a standard AudioSuite plugin or a feature directly built in. I am aware that the "Gain" AudioSuite plugin has an analyze feature, but it is way to basic. Expanding the Gain plugin would also be acceptable.


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