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Audiosuite plugins losing CLIP BY CLIP setting on session reload in v2018

Audiosuite plugins that are set to CREATE INDIVIDUAL FILES and CLIP BY CLIP will lose the CLIP BY CLIP setting when the session is closed and reloaded. When the session reopens (some of) those plugins will be switched to ENITRE SELECTION. This is also true of templates built with audiosuite plugins loaded; creating a new session from a template results in those plugins losing their CLIP BY CLIP setting that was present when saved as ptxt.



Interestingly it seems to happen only to certain of the stock plugins (ie Invert, EQ-1) but not to others (Reverse).


Same is true for 3rd party plugins;

- In Soundtoys, Decapitator, Devil-loc, FilterFreak would, all retain their clip by clip settings while Crystallizer, Echoboy, Little Plate, and PanMan would revert to Entire Selection on session reload.

- In Waves, (I didn't try every single plugin) API2500 mono, CLA76 mono, Doubler2 mono, would keep their settings, while the stereo instances of those same plugins would revert.


It seems to be related to the Multi-input vs mono mode setting-- maybe when loading the audiosuite framework some plugins are seeing some need to default to multi-input mode and so it forces them to kick out of clip by clip (which would require mono mode)?



Per the instructions in this forum I have confirmed this is a repeatable bug for others via threads on the DUC and REDDIT:


I have also confirmed this bug with a number of my coworkers directly.


It is definitely present in 2018.1 and 2018.4,and is NOT present in version 12.7.




Computer Make and Model: Mac Pro 6,1 (Late 2013)

Operating System Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.6

CPU and Chipset: 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 3.5 GHz 6 Core

Installed Memory: 64 GB

Other Hardware variables: External Sonnet Echo Express III Thunderbolt2 Chassis running Black Magic Intensity Pro and Pro Tools HDX cards. OWC Thunderbay 4 external drive array.

Installed version of Pro Tools : 2018.4.0 (but behavior was noted in 2018.1 as well)

Avid Audio Hardware : HDX, Omni, Artist Control


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