Pro Tools features

"Automatically Copy Files on Import" should be checked as default state under PT preference.

the option "automatically Copy files on Import" under processing in PT preference should be Checked as default. Because PT's default is to have this option unchecked, sometimes when PT crashes and it's database corrupts and preference resets, it will unchecked this option without the user's consent.


Today, I suffered a crash in PT that corrupted my preference and I wasn't aware the copy file on import option was unchecked and continued working till end of day. Now I got home with my drive and realized all the audio are linking to the transfer path set by my sound library software and are all missing.


what I like PT to behave:

1) copy file on import should defaults to checked as a default state.

2) or if the option is unchecked, a dialog box should pop up warning user of this when first booting up.


Idea No. 4626