Pro Tools features

Automatically turn preview on/off when (un)selecting

An option to turn on the following automation mode:


When ever a selection is made PT should turn on preview.

When there's no selection preview is turned off.


Also once preview is on and you have changed a parameter preview should stay ON even when the selection has been changed till you've either written the changes or turned off preview manually.


It could be called "auto-preview" or similar.


When working I find that when I want to ride a value I don't make a selection and when I set static adjustments I have a selection active.


This would reduce the passes that I do with preview on when I actually what to write dynamic automation and vice versa to a minimum.


This should be a mode that can be turned on and off and a manual press of the preview button / eucon soft key should be able to override it.


This feature would literally save a hundred clicks not he "preview" button every day.


Sort of relates to this request:


and this:


But I think goes further as it would solve both on the same ticket.


UPDATE: To cater the different workflows AVID could integrate something like the WACT-Matrix on the Harisson consoles that enable you to set every combination of the above behavior in a matrix setting style. I can not describe how this works in detail as it would make this text very long but anyone who'e familiar with the Harisson consoles will know what I'm talking about.


Idea No. 3729