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Avid Audio Next-Gen surfaces with EuCon

I would like to see a new compact mixing control surface that will replace the Command 8 and the MC Control. Put the best of the Artist series controllers and the best of the Avid control surface together.


1. First would have to be full EuCon support. You should be able to expand to 32 faders (four units) with a transport unit like the MC Transport (or even better, include the function in a main surface, then have expandable fader & knob units).


2. Include a monitor section, complete with Monitor A & B out, Cue out, talkback mic with dimming of monitors.


3. The ability to connect the units together to make one surface, like the ICON and the System 5-MC.


4. Touchscreen on the Main unit like the MC Control.


5. Scribble readout under the faders for track names.


6. Compatible to be able to control Avid Pre Unit.


7. Application button that lets you switch between audio applications (ex. Pro Tools, Reason, Logic etc) that works with the EuCon Program Aware feature.


8. Application Launch (maybe on the touchscreen) when there is no DAW program open. (ex Launch Pro Tools when it is not running).


9. As a bonus, when using the surface with the ICON or big surface, Allow the surface to have the ability to go in a "Custom Faders" mode, which will be useful for remote recording, so you can adjust the volumes that is going to the cue mix, etc.


10. Integrate a network switch for connecting additional units.


Would be also nice to release it at a nice price point, around $1000-1500. Extra fader units would be nice around the $300-600.


*UPDATE* Created the Renders for all units as follows; Main unit, expansion faders, expansion knobs, and transport. This will give a great amount of flexibility for the new "Openness" of Pro Tools 9, while also giving complete control over DAWs like Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, and other DAWs.


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