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Beg Avid to release 11R firmware update - L6 HD500 is coming...

Yes, it is happening...Line 6 is releasing the HD series of POD. Likely next month as there are already ads floating around in magazines.


It's been claimed by Rich from L6 (he's an extremely reliable source that puts alot into the community) that the HD series POD is 'the next step' for realistic modelling. Aparently, not just compared to their previous L6 products, but in comparison to the whole modelling industry.


Whether this comes to pass doesn't really matter.


Regardless, it's going to be a big leg up on the previous POD X3 series and will be either directly competing with the Eleven Rack or it is going to clearly dust it off.


If Avid wish to keep the 11R competitive, and don't want users to leave for another companies product, it is now TIME to step up and get that firmware update out.


11R is nearly a year old and whilst I'm a big fan, I don't want my investment to be forgotten.


So please vote and help me put more pressure on Avid to get a move on.


Avid, please get the firmware out. The 11R is a close(ish) second to the Axe and is currently the most flexible product on the market with the best modelling.


Please don't drop the ball due to inter division politics or other reasons that have no bearing on the end user.


Please, just keep the Eleven Rack relevant.


Idea No. 1040