Pro Tools features

Better Big Counter

I'm sure I brought this up years ago..


The Big counter could use an overhaul.


I'd love a mode where bars and beats didn't have all the junk beyond the bar and beats. It's so fast that it's useless 100% of the time.


Usually if we're recording orchestra - that window is dragged off to the right out of bounds to physically cutoff that junk so the conductor only sees the bars and beats. This has been the case at Abbey Road, Newman Stage, Prague and various other stages.


What would be Tremendously useful is to have the option to see the playlist number there instead. As after each take we have to yell them out so everyone taking notes for comping and music editorial knows which of the 100's of playlist takes we're on.


Instead of any chance of miscommunication, just let us see it on the counter somewhere :) :)


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