Pro Tools bugs

Bounce to quicktime with external word sync & input monitor results in errors

Pro Tools HD 12.7.0 Audio interface is Komplete Audio 6 .


The interface is locked to External S/pdif input . Works fine totally solid. I have that same S/pdif input pair assigned to an AUX track that is routed directly to my Stereo monitor output. When I bounce to quicktime the resultant movie audio track has digital errors all the way through the program material making it un-usable.


As per page 480 in the reference guide I am not expecting audio from the Aux input to be included in the bounce, low latency monitoring is off, the session has both surround and stereo busses and internal routing.


Muting the input from this Aux stops the errors from appearing in the resultant quick time movie audio.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7

Idea No. 654