Pro Tools features


When committing multiple tracks, it would be nice to have a "commit to zero" check box that allow for each track to be rendered to the zero point, rather than the origin point of the audio.


This would be simpler and more efficient than manually choosing a region that covers all the tracks, since choosing a region forces a fixed end point that might be much too long for each individual track.


For example: Let's say I have three synths I want to commit. The first plays from bar 4 to bar 8. The second plays from bar 8 to bar 64. And the third plays from bar 64 to bar 128. Right now, in order to render all tracks to zero, I would need to select a region that covers bars 0 to 128. OR... I COULD CHECK THE "COMMIT TO ZERO" CHECKBOX AND IT WOULD DO THE WORK FOR ME :-)


Idea No. 4561