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Can't raise the roof no more...

Ok, that one might need a bit of explanation...


When in an Automation Lane in the Edit Window, grabbing a line between two nodes works as expected. You move that (flat) line up or down. But we used to be able to grab the line between two nodes with the key modifiers option-shift, and conveniently, the Automation would ramp up and/or down from the previous or next adjacent nodes, creating something like a roof with the grabbed line as a plateau (see screen shot). Now, when holding those key modifiers, you're creating a new node, which is the same what the command key does. The line you've been grabbing moves up or down, without any ramping.


Please, Avid, bring back the flat roof again!!

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11

Idea No. 1000


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