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Change the behavior of clip-grouping, to affect ONLY the selected clips...

I often like to group two or more clips that are on different tracks, so that they may be moved together and repeatedly, without me having to constantly "shift-click" those clips together again. The answer would seem to be right-clicking the relevant clips, and simply "grouping" them. However, my attempts to do so affect not only the desired clips, but other clips near them, as well. Please see the two screenshots, which illustrate the problem. Shot #1 shows two clips (on tracks 1 & 3) that I wish to group. Shot #2 shows what happens after I've executed the Group command; other clips on track 1 are also added to the new group, despite me NOT having selected them in the first place. It would be great to have clip-grouping affect ONLY the clips I've selected, and possibly to color-code different clip-groups, for easy identification. This is a very handy feature, one that's available in other DAW's, and it would be a tremendous asset in Pro Tools, for radio promo/commercial producers like myself. Thanks very much!


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