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Command+W shortcut to close active plugin window

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Currently if you have any "extra" windows open (Plugins, Markers, System Usage, etc) you can press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+W to close ALL extra windows. Cmd+W only closes the Edit and Mixer windows. But while you're tweaking a plugin's parameters, THAT window is active instead (Edit & Mixer window buttons are greyed out) so Cmd+W should just close THAT plugin's window, rather than the Edit window, shouldn't it?


If you open a plugin and turn its target button off, this shortcut would still not close that plugin, as the intention is to keep that plugin always open (like a loudness meter or something). It would only close the current target-active plugin.


I know there are ideas submitted regarding customizing your own keyboard shortcuts, so if that's implemented and could include closing only open target active plugins, I'd be happy with that. But man, I get tired of clicking that tiny red dot ALL DAY LONG when I want to keep my System Usage, Markers, or any other extra windows open. Plus the Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+W shortcut is tough to do with one hand while the other is running a mouse.


Wouldn't this help speed up the dance between different plugins while mixing?

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9


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