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Create a batch installer for Space Impulse Responses

when I switched to PT12, the plugin SPACE was installed on my system. But there was only one impulse response for each category (Church/Plates/Rooms etc) installed. I can download hundreds of IR frm AVIDs page

Doing so, I can install every IR only one by one! This is not a professional way of installing a reverberation unit. It takes way to much time.

So my request is:

I ask AVID to collect all the available IRs in one package, so that we can download them all in one step. Next we should be able to install the content of that file also in one step - IRs and presets should copy themselves to the folders SPACE looks at.

If AVID refuses to do so for ALL IRs, at least the groups of IRs (churches/rooms/plates etc.) should be packaged and treated the way I mentioned above.


Idea No. 35