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Critical bug in EQ7 with ProTools Settings RANDOMIZED after session close & open

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See that huge boost in the low-mid (screen shot #1 -- brown EQ band)? I didn’t do that, but it was there when I opened my session.

That unexpected bump seems to even be saved in every single session backup file - so there’s no going back.

My guess is that the plugin doesn’t correctly (or at all) save its values in the session file, so when PT tries to open the plugin, from any .ptx file or any session backup, it can’t load the value correctly and it gets set to a random junk value from memory.


I’ve already encountered this behavior recently so last night I saved a session copy after a “write to all enabled” to lock down my EQ settings with automation dots, instead of just setting the plugin like usual. Check it out (screen shot #2).


The lower level there is my ACTUAL setting (0 db — I wasn’t using the EQ band at all) and that is the 10 second range I wrote the automation to. Fascinating. Pro tools went ahead and wrote new automation boosting the gain of that EQ band up a random amount (+9.1 dB)



1) don’t use EQ7

2) write automation (with dots or “write to all enabled” which locks down all the plugins)


OSX 10.12.6


Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

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