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Dock soft keys disabled by changing window focus

Maybe these are features but I understand them as bugs.


First off the default state of the 12 soft keys on the dock surface is un-lit basically disabled, this is confusing why they seem to have no default function and no unique assignment possible from the EuControl app. They are basically dead. This complicates the user experience and trouble shooting this issue.


Pressing the bottom right soft key on the Doc surface pops up the "soft keys" panel view on the bottom of the iPad as expected and all 16 soft keys on the Dock surface light up.


Here's the bug ...


The soft keys on the Dock lose focus when ever you change window focus, you can reproduce this easily in two ways.


1- With Pro Tools as the foreground application, light up the soft keys on the dock by pressing the bottom left key then, switch application focus (usually alt+tab in Windows) or just click on any other app with your mouse, for example to your browser, the soft keys are now un-lit and disabled.


2- In a pro tools session create 2 memory locations each with the window configuration recall enabled, each memory location should recall a unique window configuration. Name them something obvious. On the Dock press the bottom left soft key so they are all lit up. Use the bottom right soft key to scroll over to page 6 where the memory locations are already pre-configured. Pressing the soft key on the Dock surface or the iPad app does recall the window configuration correctly but now the soft key soft keys on the dock are un-lit and disabled.


In both cases you have to toggle the bottom right soft key on the dock surface to light up all the keys and and essentially re-enable them.


I use the doc's scrub, transport and soft key features while I'm spotting to picture so my in focus application is a spreadsheet either google doc or Microsoft excel. This bug prevents the Dock from feeling like it's a dedicated controller for Pro Tools



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