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Drag&Drop + Copy&Paste of SoftKeys For Quick Rearrangement in EuControl

It takes a lot of time setting up SoftKeys. Especially because one can only edit them one at a time.


When I want to adjust the layout of SoftKeys to fit my workflow better, I need to delete a SoftKey and in that place, set up a completely new key from scratch. But the key I'm looking for is there, just on another page. I cannot copy and paste it, which would save me a lot of time. I need to create it from scratch.


Also, when the SoftKey I'm looking for is on the same page, I cannot just drag and drop it to rearrange it. I need to delete one, create the one I want from scratch, then delete the other and create that one, too. This takes a lot more time than just dragging a cell and dropping it and those cells just switching places.


Idea No. 151