Pro Tools features

Easier moving plug-ins between tracks of different channel depth

Improve easy-of-use when moving or copying a plug-in from a track to another with a different number of channels:


- if the destination track have fewer channels, automatically convert the plug-in format, for example:

- when moving from a stereo to a mono track, convert "multichannel" to "mono" or "multi-mono" to "mono" (in this case keep Left settings, drop right settings -- or even ask which channel settings to keep)

- when moving from quad, 5.1 or similar to a stereo track: convert "multichannel" (greater than stereo) to "multichannel" (stereo) by keeping L/R channels; convert "multi-mono" (greater than stereo) to "multi-mono" (stereo) with the same criteria.


- if the destination track are more channels, convert "mono" to "multichannel" instead of "mono" to "multi-mono". Multichannel format is more common.


This can be done automatically in most cases or showing a dialog:

- to warn the user that some channel settings will be dropped;

- to ask the user which channel settings have to be kept.

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Idea No. 632