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Edit and mix window showing synchronous track view when toggling

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Example: Big session holding many tracks.


Working in the edit window let me say on track number 48 (numbers only to show how many tracks instead of saying Git1, Piano2 etc). The track shown at the top of the edit window is for example number 46.


Now when switching to the mix window, it would be a fantastic feature having track number 46 (always the track at the top of the edit window) automatically on the far left and number 48 is obviously to be found very easy no matter whether large or small track view is activated.


And vice versa: Scrolling in the mix window influences the edit window the same way.


This would help avoiding so much scrolling to access the corresponding track.


This could be realized by Preferences: "Synchronizing Edit/Mix Window Tracks View yes/no".


Thereby people who prefer to work as so far could continue without a change AND people preferring my suggestion had a fine solution, too.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7

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