Eleven MKII Integrated Guitar Studio Environment

It is my position that Eleven MKII would be better if Avid would have included an integrated environment that allowed you to easily setup complete guitar tones in one environment. As it stands now, you have to use several inserts to setup a guitar tone with effects before/after the amp.


Since we already have the Eleven Rack Editor, remove all the stuff that is dependent on the hardware, and package all the Eleven Effects and Eleven MKII within this single guitar production studio environment. Also, since we already have separate plugins for the Eleven Effects and Eleven MKII, leave that as is. That way people have options to use either an integrated guitar studio setup, or single plugins. It would also be nice if MKII was made available as standalone.


When you look at all other guitar amp sim packages, almost all of them are integrated environments. This is not by accident. Waves GTR3, IK Multimedia Amplitube 4, NI Guitar Rig 5, TH3, and many others all have integrated environments to make it easy to produce a guitar tone and save the preset for recall at a later date or for easy sharing.


I contend that by having an integrated environment for Eleven MKII, it would make Eleven MKII a much more competitive product in the guitar amp sim marketplace.


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