Eleven Rack features

Eleven Rack AND Mbox together in PT11 ("stacking")

Many users of an Eleven Rack have additional AVID hardware like an Mbox / Mbox pro - but it is not possible to use both devices on the same PT 11, means - it is not possible to add / sum the available I/O channels of both devices - even if clocked / clock synced together.


PT only shows ONE device - depending from which device choosed as playback hardware.


In Pro Tools we can just configure/activate/use ONE of both as I/O hardware. This means: Recording from an Mbox AND Eleven Rack is not possible - ELR just could be recorded over the Mbox and just "one" signal.


To switch between reamping and recording the possible setups has to be reconfigured too.


So it would be VERY nice to get the I/O pathes of BOTH machines from AVID usable in the same Pro Tools instance.


If this is technically not possible with the existing devices or eleven rack it would be nice to get some AVID "stacking" bus or feature for AVID devices to "stack" them directly together - "extend" i.e. an Mbox with an Eleven Rack (or further Mbox).


Idea No. 3618