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Eleven Rack standalone editor issues of compatibility (64 or 32 bits)

I wish that the 11 rack standalone editor is working on the 32bit, as i have windows 7 32bit which is full of studio programs and data, windows conversion is not easy task and a risk for data and software's installed.




As am an IT expert who is specialized in computer software programming since 15 years and i do it for living...


I was wondering why we have this main concern (Software compatibility on 64bit or 32bit), why should Avid write on every download description that this software is for 64bit only...


While from IT perspectives its only software compilation process, which don't take minutes to make two releases of a software (one compiled for 64bit and the other is compiled for 32bit).


Avid users should not always get afraid of Avid software's releases compatibility...


Please consider the 32bit release of the 11 rack standalone editor.





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