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EuCon Softkey Programming - Copy/Paste Button Attributes

When programming soft keys in EuControl, please add a copy/paste option that will copy/paste all button attributes, including commands, label, icon, color, etc. When recreating existing buttons on User Pages, it is very time consuming and tedious to try to recreate the look and feel of buttons that are pre-programmed on other pages.


For example, when recreating the Previous Playlist and Next Playlist buttons on a User Page, there was no way for me to quickly identify the icons (up and down arrows) used on the pre-programmed button (on a different page). I had to go into the icon menu and scroll through the entire, very long, list until I saw the thumbnail of the icon I wanted. I also had to flip back and forth between the pre-programmed page and the user page to set the correct color and label.

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