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Eucon soft key - Clip menu - Renames Clips

In Pro Tools when I double click a clip (group or audio) in the timeline I see the "Name" dialogue box pop up, then I type the name and hit enter .. works fine as expected.


In the Pro Tools Control application, I'm trying to automate a task and part of it is renaming a clip in the timeline. So instead of double clicking the clip I'd like to add a Eucon shortcut that will pop up the "Name" dialogue box. However when I use the Pro Tools Control soft key command editor, add a Eucon command and set it to Clip Menu - Rename Clips nothing happens, I don't see the "Name" dialogue box popup, in fact I don't see anything happen. In pro tools if I go to the Edit drop down menu I can see "Undo Rename Selected Clips" .. so I assume pro tools has received this command but the expected "Name" dialogue doesn't pop up and even the Clips name is unchanged.


If I try that shortcut directly in the Pro Tools app Control+Shift+Alt+R (Win) I get the same behaviour described above.


I must be missing something here ? Anyway appears as a bug in the Control App. Looking for a solution.




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