Fan Noise on HDX cards

I have my PCIe cards in a top cover removed Magma EB7 with the fans unplugged- out in the open in my studio which is temperature controlled.


I have a UAD-2octo, various SSD's on Sonnet cards, RME-MADI card and HDX-2. All the cards are barely lukewarm warm to the touch even under heavy load.


Are the HDX card fans temperature sensitive? They spin up to full the moment protools launches.


Is there's a temperature sensor on the card? Can it be set to ramp up less drastically? I mean - the whole card has a massive heat sink on it. Can that not do the job like a monstrous video card with slow rev fans?


I don't remember this being an issue in 10 at all. Now on 12 it's been like this since being forced to run the firmware updaters.. They're up at full the moment a session opens - even a blank one.


It's a little thing - but not all of us have separate machine rooms.


These two cards and the HD I/O are the ONLY pieces of gear in the studio I can hear. Everything else is silent. And I have a substantial amount of gear.


Thoughts? :(


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