Pro Tools bugs

File Relinking - Parent / Clip Name Bug

If an audio file in a Pro Tools session is renamed externally (i.e. using Windows explorer, or Finder) Pro Tools can be forced to link to the renamed file using the 'Find by File ID' option on reopening the session. Although this is fine for the short term, it presents a bit of problem. When the 'Find by File ID' option is used the parent name of the audio file updates, as it should, however the clip name of the audio file in the timeline remains unchanged. This means that the 'Find by Filename' option is no longer possible should something cause the File ID of the audio file to change, as the clip name does not match the file name anymore. Workarounds to this problem include removing and re-importing the newly renamed file back into Pro Tools, which does update the name, but means that the Relink dialogue box is pointless, and this is not possible in sessions with many hundreds of audio files. Alternatively the file could be renamed back to the original clip name, but this defeats the whole object of renaming the files in the first place...!


Please can Pro Tools implement a 'refresh file clip name' feature in the clip list drop down menu, or - ideally - automatically update all filenames after relinking via File ID if an option is ticked?


Incidentally, this would also not be an issue if some kind of improved file rename / bulk rename was present inside Pro Tools, as with Nuendo / Cubase...


Idea No. 621