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Fix EQ page not always showing

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EQ page not always showing.


(Problems after show/hide tracks and after switching layouts also if you duplicate a track, the duplicated tracks EQ doesnt show and if you add a new track, the EQ on the track before that wont´show.)


On which surface?


Thats strange.. it´s only on the artist mix, not on the artist control.


The control behaves differently, if I select a track without EQ plug-in and then after that select a track with a EQ, I have to hit the EQ button again.


On the artist mix, hitting the EQ button, it latches, and that seems to be the cause.

If I de-select EQ on mix surface before changing layouts, duplicating, deleting, show/hide tracks, it will find the EQ plug-in without having to de-activate/re-activate the EQ.


It´s a workaround, but if I forget to de-select EQ, it seems to crash a lot easier.


Idea No. 3324