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I'm new to Pro Tools and I am currently building an orchestral template. I would like to group my tracks together such as pianos as one group or strings as another but the template could end up being very large so hence it would be nice to collapse these groups with a single action or button or shortcut but still have a single track of them. One track that has multiple tracks in it and subtracks in those. That way i could easly see my group tracks, decide which instruments I would like to use open that group track look through the tracks and decide which piano or string instrument to use. instead I have all the tracks layed out infront of me, going to have to scroll all the way down just to get to one instrument instead of seeing a 5 group tracks that says PIANO, STRINGS, DRUMS.. ect. open strings and then use certain cello or violin. Cubase has a great grouping, folder, within folders or tracks within tracks easy to collapse and to get to. It makes the editing look a lot cleaner better to get around. I would like to see this happen, being able collapse my tracks as a group but still being able to see it instead of making it dissapear all together that would help.

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