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General Session Comments Text File Linked To Loaded Session

It would be so great having a global session comments file (stored in in a subdirectory of the session named 'Comments', and the file maybe named 'Session Comments + Name of the .ptx file' for example).


A simple text editor would be enough. Here general session comments could be entered: to do's, settings, history or whatever, helping to remember important facts.


I'd like to have a small icon (anywhere at the top row where the counter is placed maybe only in the size of the square changing into red when REC is pressed, named [TXT] for example).


When I click this icon, a text editor opens and lets me edit whatever needed. (Maybe text attributes like underline, bold and so on as a comfortable extension, but not necessarily).


The entered text is saved automatically on closing the window. The comments file is named automatically as suggested above. This, to make shure the file is found correctly concerning the loaded session and it also could be found using a file manager.


This 'Session Comments Text File' would be so helpful in many different ways and shouldn't be to difficult to realize.


Will we have it soon?



APPENDIX (May, 8th):

When the comments text file is deleted on purpose for any reason no error message should appear. The next time clicking on the [TXT] button simply opens an empty editor and starts from zero. This, because a session handed out (possibly on purpose as a copy without the original comments text file) shouldn't neither show the content of personal comments nor any errors if a formerly existing file isn't found anymore. :-)


Usually, no secrets will be put into a comments file. But to have the above appendix option could help preventing unintended comments transfer. :-)


Idea No. 56