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Greater ease of use with Clip Based Processing and Audiosuite Rendering

I have been using clip-based EQ quite a lot recently, and am even considering replacing my current method of EQ automation when mixing dialogue tracks. However, this method severely slows me down when I have to go in and make changes to regions via audiosuite.


I use a lot of audiosuite processing on clips via iZotope RX, and often have to go in and remove an extra click or pop well past the editing phase, and I have already engaged clip-based EQ. I would love the ability to quickly make these Audiosuite changes without committing my clip based processing.


I currently have to either commit the clip-based processing or copy the processing/bypass/Audiosuite/re-paste the processing to the clip. Would love if there was an option in the Audiosuite window to do the Audiosuite round-trip before some or all of the clip-based processing.



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