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Pro Tools features

Hide / Show Tracks, Aux, VCAs, Masters with a click in Mix Window

I mix some bands that use a complete classical orchestra plus drums, guitars,keyboards, etc... They give me up to 250 tracks to mix, that added to my own tracks for auxiliars, submixes, VCAs, masters, etc make my sessions to reach sometimes the 300 tracks in a mix. Thanks ProTools 12, the number of voices will never be a problem again. But navigating though that amount of tracks is more than a pain.


Logic Audio has the ability to hide / Show tracks by type, so with just one click you can Show / Hide all the auxiliar tracks, or audio tracks, etc...


Thanks to "elvenminstrel" in a comentary to this entry, now I know that ProTools have a way as well to show / hide tracks, but it does not exactly works in the way I think it should do.


You can hide or show all the tracks, just that. But imagine you have inactive hidden tracks and you hide all the tracks, well.. when you again want to show the whole thing, the system will show you all the tracks, even the inactive tracks you had previously hidden. So you have to manually hide those tracks you do not want to have in your window again, and again.


Perhaps, a better way to solve the issue could be use a kind of "track layouts", in the same way you can use "window layouts". Or as I suggested in the title of my request, maybe you can introduce some simple buttons in the mix window that allow to hide / show the tracks (only the active ones), or to introduce a preference that gives us the possibility to chose what kind of tracks we can show / hide (including inactive ones or not including them).


Think about it!


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