Pro Tools features

Hours:Minutes:Seconds option on Counter

Very simple request that hopefully can be easily implemented in Pro Tools 11 and up.


I would like the option for the counter to show instead of would still be an option of course. This would just add a option. A toggle option in the Pro Tool preferences would also be acceptable. Most other DAWs already have this option.


hrs:min:secs VS min:secs is just a personal preference, neither is right or wrong. This is just a simple feature request to make Pro Tools a little more personalized.


I'm amazed this hasn't been requested yet. Maybe I'm the only one who finds the Min:Secs counter annoying for long projects.


Yes, I know the the timecode option includes hours, but it has fps instead of milliseconds, which I find annoying when I am working a project where timecode is not important. It is also annoying when I receive a project started in a different DAW and the notes and client reference everything in This feature would help me stay in sync with them ;)


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