Pro Tools features

I/O limit needs to be increased.

I need to see all ASIO or Core audio inputs.

I have been using an Audinate Dante audio network and I was shocked last week when I wanted to use my ProTools HD and it only gave me 32 voices, I thought it could do 192 tracks, oops I didn't read the small print. Then I had to switch over to a free program called Waves Tracks Live to record my taping.

Seems silly that it is almost the year 2018 and there is a 32 voice limit on the worlds best DAW software?!?!? Seems even more silly that my work around is to buy 2 Focusrite Rednet 5's to convert an existing audio network cable to a Digilink cable then to plug into a HD native then to go down a thunderbolt.

I am even willing to pay for an extra license like you have for your S3L the "live sound productions toolkit"

This feature isn't really asking for much is it? A number change in a software lookup table.

Or even if you made a new HD Native box with options cards. Madi, Dante, Digilink.

kind regards

Eric Slaughter



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