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Implement NEW Celemony Melodyne ARA2 or be left behind by other DAWs

The New ARA2 Protocol Working With Studio One And External Software And It's Amazing

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So what's so good about ARA2?


In the demonstration, we saw the developer drag their ARA2 version of a plugin onto one piece of audio in the Studio One timeline, then the magic happened. The external software opened automatically and populated the timeline in the second app with the audio from Studio One. Then the audio was manipulated in the external app and as that happened the audio in Studio One updated automatically, then the audio in Studio One was manipulated and it updated automatically in the timeline of the external app.


There was no exporting audio, working on it and then reimporting it, it worked as if both applications were both the same piece of software.


As if that wasn't a good enough demonstration they then dragged it onto multiple pieces of audio in the Studio One timeline and did the same process. Each clip in Studio One become one long piece of audio in the external app but remained as separate clips in Studio One... impressive.


Just imagine if companies like iZotope RX or Synchro Arts Revoice Pro had this implemented in their software.


This is what Celemony said about ARA2 when it was announced earlier this year;


"With ARA 2, the exchange of information between DAWs and plug-ins is even more comprehensive, which makes additional applications possible. The new ARA 2 specification allows, among other things, the simultaneous editing of multiple tracks, the transfer of chord track information between the DAW and the plug-in, seamless clip borders that make the manual setting of crossfades superfluous, Undo interlocking with the DAW, and much else besides.


To profit from the new possibilities, both programs – the DAW and the plug-in – must support the ARA 2 specification. Fortunately, ARA 2 is considerably more flexible and can be integrated more easily into a multitude of DAWs as well as supported by a very wide variety of plug-ins. What features then become available depends, of course, upon the specific plug-in and DAW in each case involved. One pairing may allow only simple sound editing, another perhaps even automatic tempo and harmony adjustments."


We've seen the future and it's exciting and makes the argument for ARA2 integrated applications utterly compelling, it really does change workflows for the better.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12, Windows 10, OS X 10.11

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