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Import Session Data "Match Tracks"- option to match based on waveforms instead of track names

It is my understanding that the match tracks function currently only looks at track names (correct me if I'm wrong).


There are times when tracks get renamed in a newer version of the session, but the waveforms stay the same. The match tracks function no longer works in cases like this.


This is very common, especially when creating a BWAV ADM from a .atmos file. When you create a PT session from a BWAV ADM, it gives each track a number instead of the original name, but the waveforms for each object stay the same.


I've seen situations where people make changes to automation in their original mix session, but when they go to import those changes into the session created from the BWAV ADM, match tracks won't help them and they have to map each track individually. These sessions sometimes have up to 128 tracks and that can be a huge pain in the ass, especially when they won't cascade properly.


It would be convenient if there were some kind of "match waveforms" function that ignores track names and matches the tracks based on the waveforms alone. It could even be a drop down menu so you could select which way you'd like to search for a match. Maybe there could be a setting for tolerance too, so it would match as long as 70% of the waveform is the same for example.


Extra points if you can make it work even after SRC.



I also think it might be useful to have a really simple, stupid 1-to-1 option that just matches tracks in the order they appear in the sessions (as long as both sessions have the same types of tracks and so on). It could just match straight through, regardless of track names or even waveforms. Could come in handy for some situations.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

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