Pro Tools bugs

Import session data brings in tracks with either no clips at all or with different timecode from parent session.

Upon import into a new session, often the track will have no clips whatsoever on it (though the audio files are pulled into the new session). This used to happen only when the sessions had different timecode start times (which is itself an unforgivable bug, but w/e, you have a monopoly.), but recently it is happening even when all settings on both sessions are identical.


In addition, sometimes the clips WILL appear, however they will be placed incorrectly. framerate, timecode mapping, and session start times are all exactly the same between the sessions, and yet on import the track is out of sync.


The particularly crazy thing is that it is always out of sync by EXACTLY 1 second and 19 frames.


Please please fix this bug.


And maybe the session start time one while you're at it, it's unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed already.


Idea No. 1073