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Improved 'Import Session Data' dialog.

I use Import Session Data constantly. I am often frustrated by its design. It uses a poor choice of GUI elements in a number of places. Example, the use of a dropdown menu for the Track Data to Import setting. Dropdown menus can support a long list of choices (but not too long) and benefit a lot from being laid out heirarchically, which serves as a quick-guide to the user to find what they wanted. What dropdown menus are absolutely awful at are multiple selections. And when I say multiple... there are currently 31 (no kidding!) options of data to import, some of them quite complicated to understand and you get to check 'em one at a time. Recall the dropdown menu again, do some reading if you're not sure, or check ONE more if you are. Repeat. Over and over. This is why nobody uses a dropdown menu to do this. A suggestion would be checkboxes (e.g. Group dialog), with all the associated text and clarifications necessary, arranged heirarchically. Once you have assembled this setting using the most intrusive, unhelpful GUI possible, it would be nice if you could save a few of them - like zoom settings - because each complicated setup does tend to have a commonly re-usable 'function'. I have created a pictorial view of my thoughts on improving this function of Pro Tools. Obviously I use Import Session Data a lot!;>] I'm sure I've missed a few things that the real programmers. The pdf is in a separate post referring to this same Title.


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