S3 bugs

"In" keys don't show EQ band active status correctly

This is still present in EuCon 3.3.1 and PTHD12.2

latest firmware on S3.


1. make two tracks, insert any EQ (tested on Waves, Flux, Avid, MHalo)

2. on track 1 enable all EQ bands - make selection of 30sek and manual write automation. then make another 30sek selection after and disable all bands and write automation

3. do the opposite on track two. first 30sek all bands disables, then 30sek all bands enabled.

4. attention track 1 on s3 and select EQ knobset on upper rows

5. click in the time line in the first 30 sek.

6. attention track 2 on s3


= all "Band In" LEDs are still on. on the plugin all bands are off


same behaviour on Artist Mix btw.


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