Installing updated plugins behaviour / streamlining

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So, currently, if there's a bulk of updates available,.. after downloading them (even if automatic) - the installation procedure is pesky..


You have to open each one, go through about 5-9 clicks of authorization, license, destination, etc etc and then wait for it to finish. If you try to install another one at the same time, it fails and you have to wait till the current installation is complete before running the next. I don't mind doing that if I have to update 2 plugins - but if there's a stack of them - I'd rather gouge my eyeballs out!


Now take a look at Native instruments service centre. If you run a stack of individuals updaters, you can launch them all simultaneously. They queue up in finder so when the first one completes, the next installer continues automatically. It's a lot more streamlined.


If I'm downloading and installing AVID plugins from the app manager, can i not agree to a license agreement once and never have to agree again for each avid plugin?


There must be a smoother way.

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