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Instrument name truncation prioritizes node count

Weird heading, I know.

When you have multiple instrument tracks with the same instrument plug-in type, I.E., four Xpand!2 instances, they become titled as (Midi node#xxx):

Expand!2 1-2,

Expand!2 1-2,

Expand!2 1-3,

Expand!2 1-4, etc.

The insert will truncate the name to fit in the insert name field to Expand!2 but it is not clear which is assigned to that channel as it does not read it out.

Instead, something more unique,


Exp!2 1-1,

Exp!2 1-2,

Exp!2 1-3,

Exp!2 1-4.

would more easily identify which plug-in you want to edit when viewing the insert name field.

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