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Integrate Eucon completely into ProTools

The one thing I find about the Eucon as a whole... be it Logic, Protools, DP.. whichever DAW... is that if you go to delete a stack of tracks at once or one after another in succession - the eucon/mcmix is SLOW to react and it stalls the DAW until the faders update.


Just try holding down delete or arrowing up and down tracks in the arrange of logic. Or show/hide numerous tracks quickly as you would under normal use in Protools - eucon just slows things down to a snails pace.


Would this change if the eucon 'driver' or whatever it is.. was completely built-in to PT9 without that outside application running as the inbetween?




I dont know if this is the case because the Eucon is a secondary "bridge' application between the DAW and the MCMixes... but it surely does SUCK for speed in comparison to MCU's which were using MIDI, which is like 10000x slower than ethernet?


Hopefully this is something Avid will take a look at.


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