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Interrupted Selection for Automation

Similar to noncontinuous edit selections and their editing (like applying clip gain to multiple object-selected noncontinuous clips),

there could be the possibilitiy to perform automation on multiple noncontinuous selections.

Object-selected noncontinuous clips will generate a noncontinuous timeline selection and performed actions like automation will only be written to the selected clips and not to non-selected clips.

This may allow :

in a sequence of clips on one track : "Ambience Forrest" - "Ambience City" - "Ambience Forrest" - "Ambience City" - "Ambience Forrest" - "Ambience City" - ... ,

to object select all "Forrests", do a preview automation (maybe an initial rough one) and upon write-to-all, the automation will only be written to "Forrests", not to "City".

(Yes, you can split all ambiences of a type to individual tracks...),


in the clip list, select all "Forrests", object-select them in the edit window with the clip list menu, do the same (preview, write-to-all, only on "Forrests").

The present solutions for achieving this can be capture or copy-special, but include more work.

This is for automation, but may also apply for playback (jump to the next clip in a sequence of noncontinuous clips) and for recording (re-record the first jingle, jump to the next jingle, record that, jump, record, ... , individual recordings in one go).


I searched for "interrupted" , "timeline" and "noncontinuous" and ... , found nothing after hours, so forgive me, if that is already requested.

PT could be a bit more "object-based".

Opertaing System(s) n/a

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