Pro Tools bugs

Keyboard Shortcut "Delete" Disappearing

I've just moved from PT 10 to 12.


Since the beginning of time, I have used "Control+F" as an OSX keyboard shortcut for "Delete" in Pro tools, meaning I could select the tracks I wanted, and using this shortcut, delete them without having to "right click" or "command+click" or go through any menus. Bam! The tracks were gone, and it was great.


I tried to delete a track in 12, and noticed this shortcut was gone, and no longer working. I deleted the shortcut from my OSX menu, and added it again with pro tools big deal.


Then I quit pro tools, and relaunched. It's gone again. I can get this to happen consistently! Every time I quit and then open Pro Tools again, the shortcut is no longer applicable and doesn't show up in the "Track" dropdown menu next to "Delete".


Pro tools 12 is the only version of Pro Tools I have installed on my machine.

Is there a box I need to tick to make sure this doesn't keep happening?


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