Eleven Rack bugs

Launching the Editor with the Eleven Rack off sometimes opens multiple (many) error windows

Weird bug with the eleven rack editor. Basically, if I open the editor while the eleven rack hardware unit is turned off, it gets an error. Which is fine, that's not the problem.


The problem is sometimes what happens is that the error window will open up multiple times as fast as my computer can (literally feels like a new error window is opening up a billion times a second) and canceling it won't do anything so I'd have to Ctrl+Alt del on the editor to force-close it.

The error window does not need to open a billion times a second and hinder cpu usage which is completely unnecessary. It's a bug.


I'm on Windows 8.1 x64


A single error box dialogue fix would be nice. Seems like the program simply goes into panic mode or something. I have the editor pinned to my taskbar so on occasion i do accidentally click on it from time to time when the hardware unit is off.


The issue seems to happen randomly however so I'm not really capable of replicating the bug unless i just happen to try to open the eleven rack editor (with the hardware unit off) multiple times for the bug to show.


But the error dialogue box in question simply says


"Unable to lockate Eleven Rack. Maje sure Eleven Rack is connected and turned on. Click OK to rescan. Click Cancel to close.


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Again, the error dialogue box isn't the problem. The problem is that on occasion, if i were to try to open the eleven rack editor while the hardware unit is turned off, the dialogue box pops up a billion times a second.


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