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"Length" counter to show SUM of selected clips when Object Selector is used

It would be great for the Length counter in the main counter window to display the sum of the lengths of selected clips instead of the total time between the start of the first selected clip and the end of the last selected clip.


This would allow us to do event math on the fly.


I am a post editor, so I use event timecode math quite a bit... for example, I would select clips of identical locations in a show, and see the amount of time we're in that location over the entire show. Let's say we're in a hospital many times throughout the show. What I do now is copy all of the hospital location clips onto a math track, slam them all together consecutively, then select them all to get the amount of time we're in the hospital. Then I can figure out about how many hospital pages and how much walla I'm going to need. Then I delete that track since it was just for scratch math. It becomes very revealing to get precise percentages this way "oh, we're in the hospital 50% of the episode" ...when maybe the perception was that it was more or less than that.


So that's how I would use it... but it seems sensible that the Object Selector would flop the length counter to the length of the objects selected.





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