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Lock Fader for fine adjustments will save my left elbow from epicondylitis

When I am mixing and I have already adjusted the overall volume of an instrument, and start to automate, I usually do not move the fader beyond 0.3dB-0.5dB.


I am all the time with the left hand pressing the command key to make these small movements in the fader, to the point that every so often I suffer from epicondylitis in the left arm derived from this problem.


My TC6000 System has the ability to block a fader with a simple tap on a parameter to adjust that parameter in small steps. It would be awesome to be able to copy this feature in ProTools. It would be something as simple as making a double click on a fader will make that fader to be able to minor movements in steps of 0.1dB. This new feature help mitigate my health problems, and will save my elbow from epicondylitis every 2-3 months.


I have also thought about using a clothespin to lock the command key, but I think that entering the double click on the fader would be a more elegant solution, right?


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