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Losing plugin names when loading session into alternate rig

I am in the process of upgrading to a new rig. From a 2011 MBP (I will call this RIG A) to a more current iMac (RIG B). Truth is I have the iMac on loan for a couple weeks to see if it is what I'm looking for.


Both systems run PT 11.3.2


When I load a session previously made on RIG A into RIG B the the plugin preset names show up in the Librarian menu as factory default


The settings are still there but the name of the preset has been lost and show only as factory default in italics. Also the compare button is blue.


Now here is the biscuit - Let's see if I can explain this clearly.


This only seems to happen with plugin presets that are located in a sub-folder within the Librarian menu. The presets that are located in the main folder of the Librarian menu show their names.


When I load the session back into RIG A, the plugin preset names appear as they did when created on RIG A.


I would imagine it is common to work on the same session on multiple rigs. But its a pain when the preset names don't follow with the session. I is beneficial to see the name of the preset as it is a record of what my intent is when working on a session. Now if I go and pull up a session on RIG B I haven't worked on in a while all my presets are shown as factory default this makes it even more difficult to remember where I left off.


My hope is to continue working on the RIG A sessions on a new RIG B. I'm hoping there is a way that I can have the RIG A sessions load up in RIG B knowing what my plugin presets are.


I can't imagine this is an uncommon scenario as may people work on multiple rigs. But for all my web searching I have not found anything.


Some guidance here would be much appreciated.


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