Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor Overhaul

In my opinion, Pro Tools 12 is the most powerful DAW out there for every application bar MIDI, where it is seriously lacking compared to other popular/major brands.

I think a MIDI Editor overhaul would be very well received by both current and potential Pro Tools users, and would complete such an otherwise well-executed DAW.


Here are a few of my ideas:


Shortcut Key Commands

Octave Up/Down (same command for individual and multiple notes)

Note Up/Down (same command for individual and multiple notes, only command for individual notes at present)

Pencil Tool creates an empty MIDI Clip in the Edit Window (I know there is a key command but its several keys that are difficult to execute and remember…)


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Pro Tools GUI is very sleek and easy on the eye, but the MIDI Editor again looks very dated and blocky (two-dimensional) compared to the rest of Pro Tools.

A little difficult to explain/describe but the selection and focus of notes in the MIDI Editor look and feel clumsy(?) compared to other applications. For instance, muted notes are almost indistinguishable from the background; and the background itself almost looks like the MIDI Editor is muted or inactive.

I like how Logic Pro highlights selected notes on the keyboard, this is particularly useful when collaborating to quickly view what notes have been played, especially in larger projects.


Drum Map

Requested many times before from other users. Cubase would be a great source of reference.


Event Operation and Real-Time MIDI Properties

Event Operations should be accessible in the MIDI Editor, similar to Logic Pro and Ableton Live et al. This would enable the user to quickly quantise/swing, change velocity and duration etc, tasks that are utilised extremely often by composers and music producers a like.


Idea No. 250